Finally an update!!!

Hey what it do meng?!

Icho boi! Finally releasing an update after what seemed like half a year or something. Now I know! I did say that I'll be releasing it earlier but it didn't happen. 

I apologize for that, life just got the best of me. As a solution to this issue, I won't be saying when I'll release it! This way, there won't be any expectations and I can do an update anytime! 

Hah! What do you think about it? 

Er... What? What do you mean that's no good? 

What would you rather have then? A dev who keeps breaking his update announcement or a dev who may or may not update his work? 

Pick your poison!

Jokes aside, I'll try my best to release things early yeah? Just er... Don't expect it to be within a month or something. 

Files 298 MB
Version 2 Oct 20, 2022 283 MB
Version 2 Oct 20, 2022
bpk.ver 0.2-release.apk 305 MB
Version 2 Oct 20, 2022



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Your game quality is impressive, is there a way to support you a little financially 

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Ey! Thanks for the love. I won't be taking any donations at this point until I can reliably release updates and finish a whole story or two.

That being said, playing my mess of a story is enough as support! 


Your stance is commendable, although some developpers unashamedly create patreons for games that suck, while you still provide quality. You could just enable tips on without creating a Patreon so I can give you 15 bucks next update (take my money damn it !)
One point that I find strange is your writing, the way you write and the words you use indicate a person who has some good degree of vocabulary, but you tend to write things phonetically, hence a good number of weird typos. May I ask you if you are a native english speaker ? 

Ey! Thanks for the kind offer but I'll pass for now. 

As for your other question,  Yep - non native English speaker right here! I tried to fix as much as typos as I can though. (Seems like I need to do better then. :muscle)