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Tidings citizen

I just left a review of your game on F95, I post this here to make sure you read it

Farewell citizen

Ey! Thank you for taking the time to compile a review and point out improvements I can make! 

I'm honestly surprised at how in-depth the criticisms are. 

In my head, reviews are probably gonna be like this:

* Not enough seks

*Why not sandbox?

*Why Am I not banging a girl 2 minutes into the game? 

*Bruh you just copied everything bruh, no originality bruh.

So thanks! I'll make sure to get those pesky spelling errors next time.

Hey, found your game when it was first released and shared it over on If you are not part of our HUGE community I'd suggest joining you can get feedback, reviews, and talk to your fans.

Ey! Thanks for sharing the love homie!

Yup! Already joined it!

Excited to try this out as I'm also a fan of Person


Ey! P3 baby! 

If you are a true fan do you recognize this line:

Baby, Baby, Baby, Baby, Baby, Baby, Baby, Baby Eeeeeyyyyyaaaaahhh!!!! :D

Only from every fight I've been in. Hell I hear it when my boss at work approaches :P

So I have to say I keep coming back to play this just from how the setting and scene are. The humor that almost pulls you out but keeps you in just enough is perfect. Thanks for making this.

Ey! Thanks for the kind words Brother! No worries, I plan to finish this series!